The farm

Honey and blueberries, two universes to discover.


The working methods of Terre Aromatiche are completely embracing the organic culture. The imprinting of the farm is clear since its origins, in 2010 when it was registered in the organic farm certification process. Two years after, in 2012, the farm obtained the certification based on the CE 834/07 European Community Regulation. The certification body is CCPB, our farm is registered with identification number D498.

The blueberries fields are in Serleveggio, in Chiesa in Valmalenco, an enchanting forest at the far end of the village. Also the beehives are all located in Valmalenco, spread in 3 main locations: Serleveggio, Gualtieri and Vassalini. During the summer we practice the nomadism technique: the bees are moved up in the mountain, at higher elevations to follow the flowering so to obtain high quality honey like the Rododendrum.

The lab, certified for the honey and blueberries processing, is fully equipped for the honey extraction and the storage and packaging of the blueberries. The address is the same as the bed and breakfast: if you are interested, it would be our privilege to take you around for a tour and discover the bee and blueberries world.

I want to give you a news: soon we will also be making organic jams. In addition to the lab you can also do a free visit of the apiary, so to discover from close the beeworld. A unique experience; we can open for you a beehive and why not show you the bee family composition.