The people

Our family


Mauro is the founder. Terre Aromatiche was his idea that he realized with the same addictive enthusiasm and determination that always characterized his way of living and his projects.

Degree in Agronomy, Agricultural and Food Science, great supporter of organic and quality farming, he took on the challenge of creating a farm in his own image, expression of his creativity, charisma and ability to look beyond.

Alberto, the dad, a land surveyor and a ski instructor for hobby, was the main figure pf the operational aspects of the farm. He also introduced Stefano to the fascinating world of bees.

Lucia, the mum, retired teacher, accompanied Alberto in the management of the farm, giving a fundamental support in the lab during the honey extraction period and blueberry picking season.

Stefano, Mauro’s brother, lived in Canada, where he worked as an environmental engineer in mining. Stefano is also a ski and snowboard instructor.

He inherited the farm from Mauro and is carrying it forward with passion. His vision: grow Terre Aromatiche with the same spirit and enthusiasm of which the farm was initially created.