The products

Our world, our flavours.


The honey

The honey is the main product of Terre Aromatiche. Our honey selection is variegated with different honey types. Between these we have the classic acacia’s and linden honey produced in Gualtieri, hign mountain mixed flower honey produced in Serleveggio and the dainty rododentro honey, produced in Valmalenco at high altitude.

The blueberries

The blueberries, shrubbery part of the ericacee family, grow in humid forests, in sandy soils with high PH, rich or organic matter. Blueberries are fruits with great nutritional and medicinal properties, known since the 17th century. Our plantations are cultivated on the old terraces where centuries ago people grew rye. The drop irrigation system, is feed by a water spring not too far from the plantation. The blueberry field is made of 600 plants of different species. The blueberry Duke, that mature in july and blueberry Libery that mature in august.

THE Goji

Terre Aromatiche plantations include 30 plants of Goji berries, installed in Serleveggio.